“Get realistic and meaningful information from your production equipment and processes with MCS’s proven, reliable and innovative machine monitoring systems”


  1. Continuous Miners, Bolter Miners, Roadheaders & Tunnelling Machines
  2. Roof Bolters
  3. Longwall Mining Systems
  4. LHD
  5. Drill Rigs
  6. Surface Mining Equipment 

Mining Consultancy Services (MCS) have a range of machine monitoring systems for both underground and surface mining operations which provide data for our process based production management system.  MCS monitoring systems can be configured to measure the required functions of the machine, log and transmit data from existing control systems or process raw data from other data logging systems.  Data can be transmitted on-line or via flash card and provides a back-up memory. Machine data is processed by the MCS ProdMate® software which interprets the machine functions into meaningful, reliable and accurate process KPIs.